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Hair Magick has been considered by most to be a very under appreciated form of the Craft

Hair is a part of ones body it holds


During the times of the Witch Trials every Witch had her head shaved to make her weak and take away her energy to leave her powerless

By adding your hair or someone else’s hair to a Spell you bind it to yourself or who the Spell is created for

Making the Spell that has been cast impossible to effect anyone but who the Spell was conjured forMAGICKAL HAIR RINSE RECIPE

You will need

A sprinkle of each

Dried thyme
Grated ginger
Dried basil

A pinch of

Fennel seed

1 medium size clear glass of spring water

1 Full Moon

Put all the herbs/spices in the glass

Think about what you want to accomplish


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~A Spell to Find a Furry (or Finned or Feathered or Scaled) Friend~


Adopting a pet isn’t always an easy process. Filling out applications, waiting, and then meeting potential future family members can be as tiring and frustrating as it is rewarding. To ease the process, write the name of the type of animal you want to adopt on a blank piece of paper, and place it on your altar ( you can also make a general statement, such as “Let the right animal for me come to me”). Weigh the paper down with four stones: rose quartz for the love you will give and receive, smokey quartz for endurance of the adoption process, garnet for the commitment you will be making, and turquoise for the joy you will give and receive through the pet ownership. As you place each stone, speak your desire aloud:

Paw, claw, fin, or feather,
I know we will find each other!

Leave the message on your altar until your new family member joins you.

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Cord Burning Spell


🔥Purpose: To rid yourself of attachments or bad habits.

🔥Supplies: A white candle, red string, white or black string, blue string, and a bit of sand.

🔥The red string represents the attachment, and honestly you can choose a different color if you feel there is one better suited. 🚫Just don’t repeat one of the colors already being used.

🔥The white or black string represents your intention.

🔥The blue string is for bringing in wisdom and fortitude after the fact.

🔥The ritual: Set up your space, cleanse, call upon the energies that you prefer (if any).

🔥Light the candle and focus on channeling your intent into the flame.

🔥Then, weave or braid the 3 strings together, and focus again on infusing the string with your intent.

🔥Last, take the woven string in both hands, hold it over the flame, say your intent, and burn the middle of the string so that it separates. Place the string in some sand to be sure the fire is out.

🔥Dispose of the string and sand.

Laying Down Hoodoo Tricks


Hoodoo spells are often referred to as laying down tricks, fixing tricks, throwing down or laying down. The practice involves a ritual or action where an item is laid down, buried, hidden or thrown in a spot where someone is likely to walk over it. Herbs, powders and other ingredients are placed in a place where the intended target will come in contact with them, with the intention of causing a specific effect.

For many, hoodoo tricks are seen only as negative acts such as hexing or jinxing. While these practices are a part of hoodoo, there is more to the art of laying down than just inflicting harm on others. It is just as common for someone to lay down a blessing as it is for them to put a curse in your path.

Laying down tricks encompasses more than spreading or burying objects or powders. You can lay down in anything belonging to your target, from sewing something into their clothing, to mixing something into their perfume or shampoo. Practically anything a person comes into contact with can house a trick.

Ways to Fix Tricks

A trick can be laid in any place that that the person will walk or on any object that they will touch. Some examples of tricks include burying bottles, throwing powders and hiding mojo bags. There are a number of ways that tricks can be thrown down or fixed.

For attraction. Spread attraction sachet powder on a path that you know the one you desire will walk through. Sprinkle Jasmine oil over the powder for added potency.

For money-drawing. Fill a green mojo bag with goldstone tumbled stones, a Discover Treasures amulet and some Money Drawing sachet powder. Bury the bag at a construction site, preferably a bank construction site.

For protection. To ground a protection trick and keep it working, bury your offering in your yard or garden. Fill a blue mojo bag with a Circle of Protection amulet, Golden Tiger Eye tumbled stones and High John the Conqueror root. Sprinkle the bag with protection oil. Bury the bag under the full moon.

To jinx an enemy. Pray your petition over Damnation Sachet Powder. Light a black candle and focus your intention on your enemy. Sprinkle the powder in front of your target’s home and call their name three times.

To neutralize a jinx. Write the suspected jinx on a piece of paper. Light a 7 Day Jinx Removing candle and burn the paper under the flame. For additional strength place a few drops of Jinx Removing Oil on top of the candle as it burns.

To banish someone. Place a tablespoon of hot foot powder in a heatproof vessel and light it with a match. Burn the powder in your home or wherever you need the evil influences removed. You may also sprinkle the powder wherever you enemy walks.

To neutralize bad mojo. It is believed that trees have the ability to absorb negative energy. Jinxes and bad mojo are often buried at the base of a tree to neutralize them. Write down any negative thoughts on a piece of parchment paper. Roll the paper up and slide it into a glass bottle. Bury the bottle at the base of a tree. After you have laid down your trick, it is important that you walk away. Resist the temptation to turn around and look at the spot where you threw your trick. A common phrase used among rootworkers is “Lay your trick, walk away, and don’t look back”. Looking back can be seen as a lack of belief in your spell and can undermine its success.

Disposing of Remnants

The items that you use in your tricks carry inherent magical properties. For this reason, it is important that you properly dispose of any unused materials that are left over after your spell has been cast.

To dispose of ritual remains such as ashes from burned paper or incense, powder or melted candle wax, leave it at a crossroads. A crossroads is any place where two roads intersect. It is quite easy to get rid of remnants in this way. Simply throw the remains over your left shoulder into the center of the crossroads, walk away, and don’t look back.

You can also bury any bits and pieces not used in your laying down spell. Find an open field or other space far from your home. Dig a hole and place the items into it. Thoroughly cover with dirt and sprinkle Jinx Removing Sachet Powder over the dirt.

Spiritual and Magical Uses of Patchouli

The patchouli plant is well known for its magical attributes and has long been used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Its exotic scent brings to mind far-off, magical places, and it’s often used in ritual workings and in incense and potpourri blends.

A member of the mint family, the most commonly used portions of the plant are the dried leaves and the essential oils. Some practitioners use the stems as well. When grown, the patchouli bush will reach about three feet tall. It is covered in pretty purplish-white flowers. Patchouli oil is very strong, and has a deep, musky scent. It is associated with the element of earth and magic users consider it a female plant.

Associated with love, wealth and passion, patchouli can be used in a variety of magical workings. Patchouli smells like rich earth, and so has been used in money and prosperity mixtures and spells. The oil can be sprinkled onto money, added to purses and wallets, and placed around the base of green candles. Also, owing to its earthiness, patchouli is used in fertility spells and rituals. Patchouli is added to love sachets and baths. It is also used to attract people and to promote lust.

Money and Prosperity

Patchouli is most commonly used in money spells. Legend has it that Saturn, the god of hard-earned gains and limitations, governs patchouli. To honor him, money spells should be performed on Saturday, the day of Saturn.

To cast a money-drawing spell, spread a green handkerchief on your altar. Anoint a green candle and a white candle with patchouli oil. Sprinkle some of the patchouli oil onto the soil of a potted plant and then press a coin halfway into the soil.

Light the candles and repeat the following words:

Money, money come to me

In abundance three times three

May I be enriched in the best of ways

Harming none on its way

This I accept, so mote it be

Bring me money three times three!

Repeat this for nine days. Each day move the white candle one inch closer to the green candle. Allow the candles to burn for one hour before extinguishing and during this time, visualize money coming into your life. When the candles touch on the ninth day, your spell is finished. When extra money is gained, remove the coin from the soil and spend it. To maintain the spells potency, insert a new coin whenever the old one is spent.

Draw a dollar sign with patchouli oil on a small piece of parchment paper and carry it with you to attract money your way. As you draw the $, visualize your wallet as full, so full that you can’t close it correctly. Keep this vision with you and imagine what it would feel like to have a wallet overflowing with money.

Love and Lust

Patchouli has a thick, alluring aroma and is commonly used for lust and love spells. To make someone feel an attraction to you, wear patchouli oil – the scent is well-known as an aphrodisiac. If you don’t wish to wear the oil on your skin – it is a very strong oil, so you should always dilute it before applying it to the skin – then use the root instead. Place some patchouli root in a mojo bag, and carry it in your pocket or wear around your neck.

Bathing with patchouli soap is another powerful way to draw the one you desire to you. After your bath, dab some Alcolado Patchouli on your wrists and behind your ears.

If your goal is to draw the one you love back to you, wash your floors with Patchouli Floor Wash. It is believed the pleasant odor of patchouli summons the spirit of love. When performing a ritual floor washing to bring in a lover or friend, it is common to wake up early and, before one ever speaks a word to anyone, to scrub the front doorstep inward, to draw in what is wanted.

Light a Patchouli incense stick and walk through your home, spreading the powerful fragrance from room to room. Patchouli incense is a soothing presence in any room in which it is burned. As you move through your house, imagine your lover walking through the door. Repeat the following words:

Magic herbs burn in fire,

Bring to me my heart’s desire.


In fertility spells, patchouli is often added to bathwater to ritually bathe the body for anointing. Ritual bathing involves using special herbs to impart essences that are conducive to achieving your desired goal – in this case, love and conception. Spiritual baths have the multi-faceted effects of relaxation of the body and stimulation of the inner-self.

To perform a fertility bath, place a pink female image candle, a green male image candle and a patchouli 7 day scented candle near the tub. Fill your tub with water and add a bottle of Patchouli Bath and Floor Wash to the water. Add three drops of lemon oil, three drops of orange oil and three drops of lime oil. Light the candles and stand naked in the tub.

Use a bucket to scoop up some of the water and pour it over your head. Once you are fully covered with the patchouli water, soak in the tub while concentrating on your desire. As you enter a state of deep meditation, envision holding your newborn baby in your arms. Let the flame of the candle mesmerize you and send you into a state of deep relaxation. Stay in the tub for fifteen minutes, or until the water gets cool. After your bath, do not dry yourself with a towel. Allow yourself to air dry. Once you are dry, massage patchouli lotion onto your skin to moisturize your body.

Patchouli is known for being an excellent aid in your spells and rituals where you are seeking to attain spiritual growth and mastery for yourself, or another. It is quite potent when applied as a representative of the element of Earth, drawing those properties and powers into your ritual magic. This versatile plant evokes emotions of nostalgia, passion and relaxation in those who use it.

Positivity Jar

Positivity Jar

Remember all of those Full Moons and Sabats where you dried all those herbs to store for winter? Break them out and call upon their happy, summery, energy. It’s jar making time! (store bought herbs work, too)

Here is what you need:

Dried Herbs. There are tons of possibilities here, and it is truly up to what you want or have. Here are some ideas…

★ Positivity Herbs – Basil and Chicory

★ Happiness – Anise (seeds work), Catnip, Lemon balm, Lavender

★ Banish Negativity – Pepper (black pepper, cayenne pepper), Fennel Seed,     Garlic, Marjoram, Clover, Rosemary

Dried/Pressed Flowers. If you have a flower garden during the summer, or bought/foraged flowers they are perfect to capture the positivity of summer. Here are some you might use…

★ Roses, Lily of the Valley, Marigolds, Lavender, Daffodils

Stones. These can be chips or larger stones. Again, any you might have available will work. Some ideas…

★ Positivity – Amber, Amethyst, Garnet, Opal

★ Rid Negativity – Hematite, Malachite, Quartz, Snowflake Obsidian

★ Happiness – Agates, Rhodonite, Rose Quartz, all stones mentioned in Positivity

Here are some other helpful additions…

★ Bee Pollen – This is said to bring happiness, and also reminds me of summer!

★ Salt – To help with banishing negativity

★ Mint – I add mint to most things. It is said to speed up the process or yield better results.

★ A sigil to promote positivity or happiness. Here is an example –

Once you gather all of your magical ingredients, you can begin putting them together. I like to throw in a little of this, a little of that… some people like to place theirs in strategic layers. This is, as always, up to you. The possibilities are almost endless. Whatever you feel will help you gain positive energy during dark times or the dark months, just do that.

When you are finished you can seal the jar with candle wax, tie a pretty ribbon around it, or just seal it tight. Place it by the window sill, on your altar, or next to your bed. When you feel you might need a bit of positivity, shake or hold your jar and feel the warmth.

The Mommet and White Blood Brew

Author –  I’ve really enjoyed reading Robin Artisson’s works, especially The Resurrection of the Meadow. The author describes this tome as a “record of thirteen occult formulas and charms of art….” One formula that stood out to me in this text was the ritual of the White Mommet. The mommet, more commonly referred to as the poppet, is a small doll made to represent the target of a spell or other magical working. In this book, Mr. Artisson provides a beautiful formula to create the mommet, then activate it’s power through the use of three magical brews:

The White Momment or the Work of White Blood and Red Stone

On a Saturday at dawn, gather clay or dirt from the earth while speaking this charm:

Earth from which flesh is drawn

Gathered by my hand in the gaze of dawn

As day quickens life in sky and leaf

So let this flesh alike be quick

At my will and art, soon all revealed

Let that quick be captured and sealed

This in the name of Earth & Sky

And the Elfin Dominion below

That night, and better if the moon is full, boil the white blood – the white of a goodly amount of eggs – along with a good measure of wine, and the sympathetic materials you have gathered from the one whom the mommet will become a double for: their hair, nails, a tooth, spittle, blood, urine, or an article of clothing that has been worn against their skin. Make this charm over the seething boil:

White blood, water of earth and sky

Life blood of the verdant artery

___(Name)___’s own flesh

Be stirred quick to heat and flame.

Growl and bubble with impetuous life

And take the soil as a man takes wife.

Then mingle the clay and dirt with the mixture, after it has cooled to warm. From this mix, form the shape of a man or a woman, depending on the shape of the one you work for or against. Take a small red stone, which shall be the heart of the mommet, and in a new pot, boil it in white blood, a measure of water, whisky, or wine, and sympathetic material not used in the first seething. As it boils, say:

Heart of ___(Name)___, red and strong

Let flame and heat engorge you well

And the white blood of life rouse you:

You will beat in the chest of ___(Name)___ soon;
Perhaps you will leap there long

Or cease in your striving and hasten doom.

When the white blood has cooled to warm, take the heart and embed it in the chest of the Mommet, in the proper place of a human heart. Cover it well. Now, again, in a fresh pot, set to boil white blood, a larger measure of water, and a handful of mugwort, dry or fresh. As the steam rises strong, take a broad forked piece of wood and suspend the momment over the steam, face down, with an open hole dug in its head where the mouth should be. Say:

___(Name)___, this is the breathe of life

The whisp of the soul, the Lunar wraith that you inhale

This is the moving breathe of the world

The wind of bones, mare of peace and strife

So inhale the ghost and arise from earth’s dim bed

Cross the hedge between the quick and the dead

Turn the mommet over and very quickly seal the mouth-hole over. Inscribe on the mommet’s body the full name of the other it doubles, as well as their mother’s name, if your know it. Do not use a metal instrument to inscribe this; use a thorn, a bird’s talon, or a sharpened stylus of wood.

Eggs are a symbol of the essence of life. As such, we can easily see why they would be used in the birthing brew to bring life to the mommet. Humans are mostly water, and since we are activating the power of a human poppet, the water base makes sense. Wine is mentioned in the first base, although Mr. Artisson tells us we can also use water (or whisky), however, I find wine to be more appropriate since, to me, it represents the blood of life.

The text goes on to provide further applications for consecration which would be lost here for those that are unfamiliar with the book’s previously described practices. For those looking for magic that is not influenced by Wiccan tradition, this book is an excellent place to start.

Works cited

Artisson, R. (2010). The Resurrection of the Meadow. Sunland, CA: Pendraig.


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